The Bendy Series

Flexibility doesn’t come easy to everyone and for some it can takes months or even years of dedicated practice before seeing results – but don’t let this put you off.

Stretching regularly benefits your body by helping to keep muscles strong, health and flexible to maintain a good range of motion within the joints.

Many of us now do jobs that involve hours of sitting hunched over a desk with very little movement resulting in tight hip flexors and rounded shoulders.

So this series is to guide you through hip, back and shoulder mobility. Suitable for complete beginners and intermediates on their flexibility journey.

Written by both myself and Claire, we hope you enjoy it.

Happy stretching!

Struggling to get your splits? This 12 week stretch routine will help you hit the floor quicker than you think.
Improve posture and shoulder mobility with this easy stretch routine.
Struggling with back flexibility? Try this easy 15 minutes daily stretch routine.