Beginner aerial hoop moves

Aerial hoop is an extremely dynamic sport and requires a lot of concentration as well as strength and flexibility. As a beginner is can be easy to get carried away with what you want to try after watching Instagram videos.

It’s important to build a solid foundation when training aerial hoop so before you start wanting to try the advanced moves, you’ll need to learn the basics first.

During your first few months of training, you’ll master the basics so check some of them out below:

Man in the moon

Use your top hand to help you balance while pushing through your feet. Try to keep the hoop parallel to your spine for good balance. If you’re feeling brave you can let go.

Star on the bar

Use your glutes to create a shelf on the bottom bar and use your hands to steady yourself until you’re secure enough to let go.

Walking man

Squeeze your thighs and keep your hips square. This will hold you in place allowing you to release your hands. If you fancy a challenge, try pointing those toes.

Pike seat

Make sure your shoulders and core are engaged to provide stability and squeeze your legs together for additional support.

Single leg cradle

Engage your shoulders and squeeze your thighs you lock you in place. Try to keep the hoop parallel to your spine for good balance.


Engaged shoulders and flexed feet will hold you in place and make you look more mermaidy!

French gazelle

Hooking your heel will add security to go hands free. Try bending your back leg for a gazelle variation.


Make sure the hoop sits high up on your thigh and not your knee or this will be painful.

Hock hang

Ensure your hands hold the top bar equal distance apart to maintain your balance. If you don’t you’ll just wobble everywhere.

Happy hooping!